Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2nd week travel in china

Wow…I have a lot to revise you guys on.

Monday 8/4 and Tuesday 8/5

These years were very boring years to dialect about. I just went to work, came home, ate banquet, played on my notebook and went to bed. So…Not much fun there, but sometimes you just indigence a join time like that. Especially, if you’re generally forever on the go.

Wednesday 8/6

I did appeal much the same, but on Wednesday after work my links Isabel, Rory, Kate and I all went to this Jazz bar called the Cotton Club. I have talked about it before. I have very open there, session back and relaxing with good industry.

Thursday 8/7

My isolated Isabel was departure to be parting Friday to go to the Philippines for a little over a week. So that doomed I wasn’t departing to see her anyhow more because I was goodbye before she got back. So we went out to one of our darling seats in Shanghai. Laris. Again, I have also talked about this place before. Nevertheless last Thursday was different from familiar. There were a lot fewer people and we were all able to assistant a lot more. So…I met a lot of actually humbling people, such as the Marketing Manager for Nike, and these big business people from Turkey. It was cute cool. Nevertheless I stayed up a little later than I perhaps should have and so I was suffering at work the next day.

Friday 8/8

Like I said…I was actually corny at work, so it seemed like it lasted evermore on Friday. Although, Andrew Taylor (The big boss) let everybody go home at 4:00 instead of 5:30 because it was the breech for the Olympics that day, and of course that was a HUGE deal here.

To celebrate the notch, I went with a lot of links to this little native bar and watched it on a big barrier and then we all went to an all you can eat sushi and sake bar. It was my first time to one of these seats. And it was a lot of fun. Plus there was about 30 of us! They had this mammoth secretive extent modest for all of us. After the sushi and sake we were went to Karaoke. They call it KTV here. And it’s a little different from it is in the U.S. They are certainly big on Karaoke here. Each party gets there own secretive room. It’s cute amazing actually! So Friday was a lot of fun.

Saturday 8/9

I had strategy on Saturday to link an assistant, Rochelle, to do a little shopping. Nevertheless before I met her I had to go to the fabric bazaar to verify on the coat I was having made. I got there, tried of the coat, and it desired a few adjustments. I told them what besides I hunted done to it and they told me to come back tomorrow to accept it up.

I finally met Rochelle at Yu Garden. I had no idea that’s where she was charming me, because she just wrote me a note in Chinese to give to the Taxi driver, and just told me to collect her there. She didn’t know I had already been there before. Nevertheless it’s ok because I certainly have departing there, and it’s a lot of genuinely neat shopping. We depleted beautiful much the complete day there and an antique place, and by the time we were done, I beat. So I went home to take a nap.

As I laid down for a nap, my ally Hannah, text me and asked me to come with her to assemble an isolated of hers for banquet and a soda. So…Unhappily, I didn’t get any slumber, but how can you when your in China anyway? There is just so much to do! Although, I did go home before, because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Sunday 8/10

Sunday was the best day of the weekend! I had plans to join about 10 coworkers for KTV and feast afterwards. It was so cool receiving to go to KTV with them because the Chinese take it very fatally. They were all amazing, and made me look shocking. Nevertheless it was still pretty neat. Of course, most of the songs they sang were in Chinese, but I still was able to understand the yarn line of the song because they typically had a film of that song singing at the same time. It was so much fun, and I dearest hanging out with my coworkers because I always learn so much about the Chinese polish. It’s kind of fine to have the two different groups to sling out with. We got to KTV about 1:30 (well I got there a little later, because I got lost) and stayed there awaiting about 5:30. So they do this for a very long time. Nevertheless the best part about the day was the dinner. We went to dinner and this really careful Chinese restaurant. And I had no idea any of my coworkers drank, but let me tell you….They can snifter. About every 5 min. Superstar at the postpone will toast someone besides. And then it got to the headland where after the toast they would go bottoms up and juice the full glass. And then it got to the spot were they all went around the move and toasted me and told me how content they were that I was here, and that hopefully I can come back again soon. So by the time we all wrecked ingestion, we just sat there and talked and drank some more. Then the happening live a connect drinking playoffs! Somehow the issue came up that I had to delay on Saturday, so they all absolute to go around the submit and again and each say something fussy about me. It was the sweetest thing ever. Each of them were so cordial and nice that I am available to neglect each so much. It’s so great that you can make such great links in such a concise quantity of time. LOL…And then after all the foolish matter they got a little raucous because The Olympic basketball fixture was playing that night at 10:00. China was of course playing America. I am pretty certain America won, but I didn’t stop up to survey it.

anyway…Overall, it was such a great weekend. Definitely one that I will never forget

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